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Summer Photo Contest

Jul 22, 2013

Summer Photo Contest has extend the summission date for all the photos until 11 August 2013.


Terms & Conditions


  1. The SUMMER PHOTO CONTEST (Moments in Summer) is an event open to all citizens of Malaysia, permanent residents of Malaysia, non-Malaysians who have permanent correspondent addresses in Malaysia.
  1. Participants must abide by the competition rules & regulations and any decisions made by the organizer are final. No appeal will be entertained.
  1. All information including personal information submitted by the participant to THE SUMMER MALL & Organizing Committee ("Organizer") in connection with the event shall become the property of the Organizer. The participant is deemed to have given the Organizer authorization to use such information for any purpose (including but not limiting to market research, planning, data-processing, database marketing, statistical and risk analysis, research, fund-raising etc).
  1. Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any participant who has infringed any of the Competition Rules.
  1. By taking part in the SUMMER MALL PHOTOGRAPHY, participants are deemed to acknowledge that the organizer will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries sustained in the course of the event.
  1. The organizer reserves the permanent non-exclusive right to publish, reproduce, display, distribute, and show on screen any winning photograph on websites, photo exhibitions, trade shows, or any other media which is under the management of the organizer. In all cases where such photographs are used, the organizer reserves the right to do so without obtaining the further prior permission of the winners and without offering any further compensation in any form.
  1. With regard to the preceding clause, the organizer reserve the right to (a) display some or all parts of winning works accompanied by additional effects such as computer graphics, sound effects or music on websites managed by the organizer, and (b) to reproduce some or all parts of the winning works for the photo exhibitions and other events. Winners may not exercise any copyright or personal rights to the photographs used.
  1. Participation in the competition signifies the agreement and acceptance of the terms and conditions as listed.


Competition Rules


  1. Participants can use any brand of digital DSLR camera or digital compact camera (not including film camera, lomographic camera, mobile phone & PDA) to shoot photographs during the contest period.
  1. Staffs of the Summer Mall and Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd are not allowed to participate.
  1. The organizer will not be responsible for providing photographic equipment including cameras spare batteries, lenses, additional memory cards, other photographic accessories & etc. All participants are expected to come prepared with all their photographic equipment.
  1. Participants must submit 3 photos taken in and outside of the Summer Mall.
  1. The competition ends 11 August 2013. Photos taken after the date will be consider disqualified.  Participants must submit their photos in softcopies (CD/DVD) and hardcopies of 4R size. Participants must submit before 21st July 2013 to The Summer Mall information counter.

  2. All photographs submitted MUST be in JPEG format, with all EXIFF data intact
  1. Images for submission to the contest must be in the highest resolution available in the camera. Images are not to be altered by any image editing software. Only minor editing (cropping, brightness adjustment and contrast adjustment) with software is allowed. (Watermark is not allowed)
  1. All digital photographs submitted must be new works that are shot during the contest period. Participants, who submit images that were shot earlier, or shot by proxies, will be disqualified.
  1. Any submissions after the submission time will not be entertained. The organizers will not be held responsible for the inability to read/upload images from the provided CD/DVD.
  1. All photographs will be judged by a panel of judges, appointed by the Organizers, based on the following key criteria:


a)    Creativity in the theme interpretation

b)    Use of colors & light/shadows

c)    Composition of photograph

d)    Relevance to theme

e)    Adherence to the competition mechanism


  1. Decisions by the organizers and competition judges are final. Neither the organizer nor the judges will discuss or respond to any inquiries or comments regarding the appointment of judges or the contest results.
  1. Winners will be announced at the “Prize Giving Ceremony” which will be held at The Summer Mall on the date to be announced. All winners will be notified via telephone & email by the organizer before the “Prize Giving Ceremony”.
  1. Each participant can win 1 prize only.
  1. The organizer reserves the rights to exchange or replace the winning prizes with any other prizes of the same value without advance notice given to all winners. All unclaimed prizes will be declared null & void after THIRTY (30) days from the date which is stated on the winner’s letter. No further notification and or reminder will be sent to winners shall prizes are not collected after 30 days, and no claims in any format will be entertained.
  1. All terms & conditions regarding entry to the contest shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Malaysia.